Climate Heat to 1.5°C by 2027

[17-MAY-2023, Earth] Back to Earth, we are now in the exponential rise of temperature of Earth. While it may oscillate up and down, the trend is up at an accelerated rate.

The exponential graph shown above is from the BBC article Global warming set to break key 1.5C limit for first time.

The report is from the WMO (World Meteorological Organization) and they produced this short video with highlights of the report:

This is the press release from the WMO Global temperatures set to reach new records in next five years.

While the WMO states that it may breach 1.5°C, it may come down. That is a highly optimistic view. The temperatures have been going up for the last five or so years; therefore, it will keep on going up BECAUSE no one is doing any one thing (other than useless rhetoric) to mitigate the increase. No one. Zero.

The death toll will be staggering. Not only from food and water shortages but from upheaval, riots, and survival (food and water) wars – producing untold numbers of refugees.