Docent of Doom Alert: Heat!

[25-APR-2023, Reporting from Earth] World’s ocean surface temperature hits record high already. Every year the summers got hotter and hotter. This year will be no different.

So what is possibly in store? Same as years before but worse. Expect:

  1. More fires – larger, more intense and harder to contain
  2. More floods – dry lake beds, dry rivers and oh so so many levy breaches
  3. Tropical diseases – those nasty tropical diseases will be moving further north as well as south from the tropics.
  4. Hurricanes, not necessarily more but ones with higher intensity. Will 2023 give rise to the “Category 6 hurricane”?

Be prepared for something you have never seen before… But maily keep hydarated and stay cool from the heat, the glaring glaring heat – as well as those nasty tropical diseases moving further away from the equator going north as well as south – but that’s another story on [Docent of Doom].


US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

BBC: Recent, rapid ocean warming ahead of El Niño alarms scientists

The Guardian: ‘Headed off the charts’