AI Chat to AI War – that went downhill fast…

[28-APRIL-2023, Earth] We went from AI Chat to AI War within weeks. Is Skynet coming soon to finish the job? Apparently, yes.

This creepy video below was released with ominous background music:

“AIP unleashes the power of Large Language Models and cutting edge AI for defense and military organizations. LLMs and algorithms must be controlled in this highly regulated and sensitive context to ensure that they are used in a legal and ethical way,” the video begins.

First off, “legal”, as in legal to whom? Hate to invoke Godwin’s Law immediately; however, may I remind you that as far as they were concerned, the Nazis in WWII didn’t do anything illegal because they legalized everything they did by passing laws for themselves (just like any other country ever). Not only is history written by the victors, the victors will also “legally” punish the vanquished. Luckily, the Nazis perished but if they had won, their “legal” system would have prevailed.

Second, “ethical”? That is utterly laughable – as when was killing people ever ethical? And with “AI”, one would assume you will be killing more people more effectively than ever, right? It’s war, and as General George S. Patton said, “War is a killing business. You must spill the enemy’s blood or they will spill yours.” Don’t even mention “ethics” and “war” in the same sentence.

Third, Palantir does not say for “whose” defense it is nor “which” government(s) they are going to be selling this maximize-carnage software system too. Anyone with money on the table, one is to assume. What was that about “ethics” again?

Lastly, once one system is released, it will be reverse engineered and used by the “enemy” of whomever bought it, so are we going to have the same LLMs fight each other? Since science fiction is becoming more real everyday, here is the last though on this subject, Star Trek (original series) episode “Taste of Armageddon” covered that.


Docent of Doom Alert: Heat!

[25-APR-2023, Reporting from Earth] World’s ocean surface temperature hits record high already. Every year the summers got hotter and hotter. This year will be no different.

So what is possibly in store? Same as years before but worse. Expect:

  1. More fires – larger, more intense and harder to contain
  2. More floods – dry lake beds, dry rivers and oh so so many levy breaches
  3. Tropical diseases – those nasty tropical diseases will be moving further north as well as south from the tropics.
  4. Hurricanes, not necessarily more but ones with higher intensity. Will 2023 give rise to the “Category 6 hurricane”?

Be prepared for something you have never seen before… But maily keep hydarated and stay cool from the heat, the glaring glaring heat – as well as those nasty tropical diseases moving further away from the equator going north as well as south – but that’s another story on [Docent of Doom].


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The Guardian: ‘Headed off the charts’